Complete landscaping services Samford

Our complete range of services takes you from design right through to the finished project.

Landscape Paving and Decorative Driveways

We can create impressionable designer areas for entertaining, or highly durable driveways and paths that will receive high impact traffic, resist wear and tear, but also look great

We will assess the outdoor area, your budget and existing colour combinations, than provide you with suitable paving and decorative driveway options.

We also specialise in paving of patio and barbeque areas, completely new or a makeover of a current area that might be overgrown with uneven pavers and weeds.

Landscape Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are great for creating a larger, flatter backyard area.We design and build landscape retaining wall with timber, sleepers or blocks. We also can design rock formations in place of retaining walls.

Plant selection around retaining walls is important. Non-intrusive root systems are essential, as are plants that do not retain excess moisture and age the timber structures.

Outdoor Tiling

We create outdoor living and barbeque areas with slate, sandstone, travertine and ceramic tiling.

We stock a range of designer slate tiles that are inspired by Italian landscape ideas, and traditional stone and ceramic tiles from local suppliers, and imported.

Landscape Fencing

Depending on what you need the fence for – privacy, keeping dogs and kids in, or intruders out, we have installed a large variety of timber fencing for yards in North Brisbane.

We also work with Colourbond and chain wire fencing to suit yard types.

Pool Fencing

We do all types of pool fencing from tubular aluminium and glass using both frameless and semi- frameless. We also have great ideas on where to put the fence for flow through various garden spaces.

Decking and Walkways

We can create decking areas and walkways to improve safety or living space, over rough terrain and elevated over uneven ground.

Based on your ideas and needs for the decking, we select timbers and materials that resist wear and tear and enhance the livability of the landscape area. We advise clients on correct maintenance and upkeep for longevity of their outdoor structures.

Water Features

We specialise in creating water features as a centrepiece of your outdoor entertaining area, or as a feature in your garden, for fish and water plants. Water features can include low voltage lighting and are usually powered by a pump that is easily switched on and off.

Garden Lighting

We install low voltage garden lighting that incorporates plant and garden design, and able to withstand water and wind elements.

Garden lighting extends the living area when entertaining outdoors at night and can illuminate a water feature or pool area.

Landscape Plants

We grow a large variety of plants, shrubs and trees ourselves in a private nursery, stocking most of the species commonly seen in landscaped gardens.

The plants we choose for a landscape design are intended to be low maintenance, water and drought resistant, and with non-intrusive root systems.

Ask us about our unique range of plants for your home and garden.